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Did you know that 81% of our graduates have been promoted since completing their digital marketing course?

Social selling is undoubtedly the fastest growing tool in a successful salesperson’s arsenal. Clients of our Professional Diploma in Digital & Social Selling have seen increased performance, and increased earnings, among team members who complete the course. In just 30 hours, you’ll be a certified social selling expert with insight into the key concepts of digital and social selling. From integration and strategy, to social account management, through to digital sales leadership, you’ll possess the skills to become a social selling superstar.



Young businessman holding a marker and drawing circular diagram of structure of digital marketing process and elements on transparent screen. Isolated on white background.

 Become a certified digital


social selling professional

Comprised of digital leaders such as Google and Facebook,

our Syllabus Advisory Council informs and validates

our learning content to ensure it is cutting-edge,0

relevant and technically accurate.



Do I need to have a marketing background?

Anyone can apply for the Professional Diploma in Digital and Social Selling. A background in a related discipline is not required, though we recommend this specialist diploma course to sales professionals or individuals interested in pursuing a career in the industry. The aim of this Professional Diploma is to teach you everything you need to know about incorporating digital tools and practices into your selling strategy, so you can achieve your targets, increase your OTE and position yourself as a digital selling superstar!

How strong are

your digital skills                                                              

Just how much do you know about digital marketing?
We’ve designed the Digital Diagnostic to help you find out.

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